Golf Club Checkup

Perfect Your Clubs

Whether you've owned your golf clubs for years or just unwrapped them from the box, it's common for clubs to have imperfections. Lofts, lies, flex, and swing weight often deviate from optimal settings. We want to ensure that the club you hold in your hands is flawless, and for you to have the confidence that every aspect of your club is perfectly tailored to your game.

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  • Length

    How long or short your club is can affect distance, accuracy, and so much more.

  • Lie

    Checking the way your club head lies affects the starting direction of your shots.

  • Loft

    Lofts that are too strong or weak can lead to numerous issues

  • Swing Weight

    The balance point of a club or "how heavy it feels" affects your confidence as a golfer.

  • Flex

    Just because your club says "Stiff" on it, doesn't mean that it's accurate.

  • Grip Size

    Bought your club used? Find out if there are extra wraps preventing you from closing the face and reducing your slice.