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Putter Fitting

Putter Fitting

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Putter Fittings

Our in-depth putter fitting is the first of it's kind on Oahu. Utilizing the top technology that the PGA Tour utilizes, the SAM PuttLab, we provide an extensive analysis of the performance of your current putter. You'll also test the best putters available on the market from brands like TaylorMade, Ping, Odyssey, and more! 

We offer two different types of Putter Fittings. Please read below for an explanation of each fitting:

Basic Fitting: We will first measure your current putter and establish a baseline using the SAM. After hitting a few putts, we'll review the data and make adjustments to your current putter. After making those adjustments, we'll re-test. 

Professional Fitting: The professional fitting is identical to how PGA Tour players get fit on The SAM PuttLab.

Your fitting would include everything from the basic putter evaluation but will include a much deeper analysis. This fitting will not only evaluate your current putter, but also test you on putters we recommend based on your putting results. At the end of the fitting, you'll get a detailed evaluation of 70 parameters of your putter fitting and suggestions of what putter would best fit you.  
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